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Guidelines for writing articles:

Format Word file
LengthFrom 10 thousand to 25 thousand characters, spaces included (excluding boxes, tables and bibliography).
ArticulationText scanned by headlines (not numbered). The text must not begin with a title.
TextArticles should provide readers with information and analysis useful for operation. The article should present the characteristics of a policy, experience, tool, etc. as clearly and simply as possible. and its strengths and weaknesses. In the event that specific data are entered in the text of the article, it is necessary to indicate the source.
Box, tables, figuresMandatory minimum 2 - maximum 6; indicate title and source. The editorial staff reserves the right to adapt them graphically to the magazine format.
ImagesFor articles focused on experiences, possibly insert images on the service, the intervention or the structure treated. Such images must be free of privacy and copyright rights.
Bibliographical referencesA maximum of 10 references allowed and only if cited in the text (literature review articles are exempt from these limits). If possible, use the words (Author, year) in the text and give the complete reference in the bibliography.
The authorIndicate the name, role and body to which you belong (to be inserted under the title). Also provide a more extensive description to be included on the web page dedicated to each author (what he does, where he works and other useful information; maximum 500 characters including spaces).
Please noteThe editorial staff reserves the right to propose changes to the text, also aimed at facilitating online reading. The editorial staff, which has the ultimate decision to publish or not an article, is available for any clarification:

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